Snippets from Jane Rogers – 15 August 2014

Jane_RogersJackie:  Here we go! morning Jane @jane_rogers / Everyone & welcome! Jane plse tell us abt your biz

Jane:  Morning all! I help businesses and charities promote themselves and reach more clients through public relations.

This involves looking at what they say and how they say it to their ‘publics’ making sure they reach the right people at the right time, in the right way.

Jackie:  interesting! how do u do that?

Jane:  It’s not just about journalists, it’s blogs, web and social media too. It’s about great content to get them noticed!

Jackie:  lots there, so do u have anything especially u’d like to promote with us this morning?

Jane:  Yes, I’m working collaboratively w @CAWPR, so we can pool resources and help more businesses. We’re starting with @BeckenhamBA

Jackie:  The EC is very excited to have you both on board! Hi Carol & David!

Jane:  Delighted to be involved with @BeckenhamBA! We’re both passionate about helping businesses understand PR.

Carol:  We’re looking forward to doing some good work and making a difference

Jackie:  You life sounds pretty full pace – what keeps u awak at night with excitement abt your biz

Jane:  Thinking about what’s the next priority for my clients. #PR is often fast-paced with tight deadlines!

Jackie:  So Jane, what’s the best piece of advice u’ve ever been given?

Jane:  I once had tonsillitis in Greece & the doctor there told me to drink very hot drinks to kill the germs! Works for colds too!

Jackie:  What’s success all abt for u, is it abt £ / something else?

Jane:  It’s not all about money, it’s knowing I’ve done a good job and helped a client improve their business

Jackie:  sounds good! taken note of that for g’children! last Q coming up, it’s been gr8 to have u here – hope u’ve enjoyed

What’s the scariest thing u’ve ever done?

Jane:  Probably moving to London, as I vowed I wouldn’t. But 15 years later I’m still here, with a great business and lovely husband!

Mind you, having a wisdom tooth out last year was also pretty scary!

Jackie:  We’re a pretty scary lot down here in the Smoke! So glad u stayed.  David obviously is too! Interesting parallel with wisdom tooth! OK – thnx again for your time

Jane:  me too! I’m a country girl so it was quite different here!

Jackie:  LOL! Thnx again – have a gr8 w/e everyone, same time same place next Friday ttfn!

Jane:  and thank you for having me, it’s been great talking to you 🙂

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Jackie:  watch this space for my guest on 29 August

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