Snippets from Julie Stanford – 25 October 2013

JulieStanfordJulie Stanford  @JulieStanford:  Er… 5 mins to go. So excited, I’ve lost track of time #1230KISS !

Julie:  Just pondering how much networking has changed my life in last ten years. Transformed it. So, if you’re in biz… get out there!

Jackie:  Good morning Julie, everyone – so looking forward to our chat *wave* to viewers – plse have any questions for Julie ready..

Julie:  Good morning 

Jackie:  So Julie @JulieStanford please tell us something about your business

Julie:  I joined @CobwebInfo last year taking my Essential Business series of books (30 yrs ). We publish business information in various forms

Jackie:   I know you’re moving at the mo, so v busy time 4 u, r u able to read any biz books?

Julie:  As you say, life is v busy currently, but one of my all-time favourite business book is EMyth by Michael Gerber. Brilliant book

Jackie:  So, what is success abt for u Julie? Is it all abt the £

Julie:  Not just about money, but money certainly makes a smoother life possible. Then you can fill it with fun, friends and family!

Jackie:  some exciting changes 4 u – if u were to start over again, wld u do anything differently?

Julie:  Remember that business is all about profitability and keep my eye on where the money is coming from. Cash makes vision possible.

Jackie:  That makes much sense! Who’d b around u’re dinner table of positive thinkers?

Julie:  Richard Branson I like his ‘screw it, let’s do it’ attitude/my mate @JeremySpiller whose passion makes me look positively wilting

Jackie:  mmm just checking him out! r u a champagne or beer and skittles girl?

Julie:  Champagne, definitely… with an afternoon tea thrown in, for good measure.

Jackie:   what’s the scariest thing u’ve ever done?

Julie:  Standing in front of 130 people to launch the first edition of The Essential Business Guide. I suddenly realised what I was doing!

Julie:  Luckily, it *was* shared… and the rest is my business history 😉

Jackie:  was that around the time of 1230TWC Conference? our first meeting – u & I?

Julie:  Yes, you’ve got a good memory! I ‘had my vision’ about business info, and then panicked that it might not be shared!

Jackie:  about 2004? & u were terrific, I was awe-struck! Something u’d like to promote?

Julie:  Just: business owners are too busy to read bad info so make sure to learn from a good source. I kissed too many business frogs! 😉

Jackie:  last question coming up Julie… #bizitalk

Julie:  That went quickly! OK, I’m ready

Jackie:  Best biz advice u’ve been given?

Julie:  You’re not born knowing how to run a business, find out as much as you can from different sources & network with other biz owners

Jackie:  let’s squeeze in 1 more.. which do u prefer to work with – entrepreneur or maverick?

Julie:  Entrepreneur (not the selfish type, though). Entrepreneurial, in my mind, means thinking differently and being brave

Jackie:  Love that – thnx so much Julie – hope u’ve enjoyed, have gr8 w/e & c everyone same, same place – thnx again Julie

Julie:  That was so much fun! If anyone is thinking of doing a #1230KISS interview with @1230jackie, do it! Thanks for having me on, Jackie. 😉

Julie:  Normal service is now restored on my Twitter feed. Hope my #1230KISS interview didn’t litter your stream and drive you mad, lovely followers

Jackie:  been absolute pleasure – good luck with the move

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