Snippets with Hela Wozniak-Kay – 20 January 2012

Jackie:   Good morning Everyone & a v special warm exciting welcome to our Guest Hela  @SisterSnog – how r u Hela?

Hela:  I’m super fine thanks Jackie. And yourself?

Jackie:    Delighted to have u here – Hela plse tell us something about yr business

Hela:  Sister Snog is a selective club that connects smart, sassy business women looking for a refreshing way to get connected.

Jackie:   Brilliant! & what prompted the idea to start SS

Hela:  A throw away comment about how nice it would be to be ‘ladies that lunch’. We had our first lunch Feb 2002!

Jackie:  Yay! so you’re celebrating 10 years this year, same as #1230TWC – we must do something!

Hela:  Twould be rude not to! Love a celebration

Jackie:  what about success 4 u, is it all about the money?

Hela:  Success = creating a lovemark Once you’ve done that the money will come!

Jackie:   Interesting, will investigate later… what’s been yr greatest challenge? personal/business?

Hela:  Biggest daily challenge ioo much to do! Time is the enemy. However this is rather useful

Jackie:   think we’d all agree with you there! looks good tool, thnx 4 tip. what’s best piece of advice u’ve been given?

Hela:  Best piece of advice : Anything is possible

Jackie:   what about u, r u a stiletto or trainer type of Gal?

Hela:  Killer heels. Of course. Rather partial to @UpperStreetShoe

Jackie:   FAB U LOUS Darling!

Hela:  love it! last Q coming up Hela, on your business epitaph, would would it say

Jackie:   thank u so much Hela for joining us – hope u enjoyed… next week we have @SoniaBrown joining us

Hela:  Twas a pleasure. Looking forward to celebrating w bubbles. Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Rose my fave!

Jackie:   ooOOoooo yes indeedy – looking forward to it – have g8t w/e

Jackie:   thanks everyone for joining us – see u 27/1 10.30 am with @SoniaBrown have your Qs ready

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